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No Solder Filler Neck Kit



No Solder Filler Neck Kit


This is NOT an Aqua-Hot endorsed repair Aqua-Hot endorsed repair would be to solder a replacement filler neck on unit.  In many cases this is not possible without removing heater from coach.  This is a work around.  The kit, it is made of machined billet aluminum instead of stamped metal.  As a result it is much more robust.  The overflow barb is not soldered into the stamped filler neck but rather is part of the machined billet aluminum neck. The neck is welded, not soldered, onto the tube to which the silicone hose is clamped.  Very robust design in all respects.


This repair adds about 1 1/2" inches to height of filler neck making many installs even more difficult to access to add coolant.  It is your responsibility to assure that there is enough room.


"Shrink" clamp provided for ease of install. This makes lower clamp connection much easier.


You will need heat gun to shrink clamp once pipe is installed.

Directions on how to install are included.



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