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No Solder Filler Neck Kit


NO-Solder filler neck replacement kit.  Remove leaking brass filler neck and replace with kit that does not need to be soldered.



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Webasto 24-Volt Control Box - WPX-306-078


NOTE: This is a 24-Volt controller box - WILL NOT work on the more common 12-Volt systems.


NOTE that this is 24-volt control box. Most Aqua-Hot heaters use 12-volt controllers.


No metal bracket is needed. Updated box has built in bracket that slides into slot in protective cover of the Webasto.









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Tester, Refractometer Ethylene & Propylene Glycol



  • Tester, Refractometer Ethylene and Propylene Glycol
  • MSX-907-162 - Hard Case
  • Used to test coolant / water ratio.
  • Includes hard case, droppers, and directions.










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Pump, U4846, Circulation, 12VDC - WPX-894-52A


Built in bracket as shown.


Has 3/4 inch barbed inlet and outlet fittings.


Alternate part number: 5010030B







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